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Reduce sickness, improve productivity.

Your people make everything happen. Help them stay mentally healthy, and guide higher performance.

Employees are taking more sick leave due to poor wellbeing

1 in 2

Managers plan to quit their job in the next 12 months.


The leading causes of sick days in the UK are mental health challenges like anxiety, stress & depression.


Working days of productivity is lost each year if an employee is diagnosed with depression.


Good for your people, good for business

MYNDUP is proven to make your people more productive, and taking less sick leave.


more productive days on average, per employee, per year


more days at work on average, per employee, per year

Reduce long-term absence

We know that poor mental wellbeing is the main reason for long-term sickness absence. Outside of the working world, it's still very difficult to get the support that's needed, with long-wait times all too common.

MYNDUP provides your people with fast, accessible 1-1 support. Employees can see a qualified and vetted therapist, counsellor or coach within 12 hours. And they don't have to jump through hoops - it takes 2 minutes to book.

An image of a graph showing dropping long-term sickness absence rates.
A chart showing employee engagement increase

Reduce presenteeism

Unmeasurable, yet always lurking in the shadows of most workplaces, presenteeism is the silent killer of productivity. How do you reduce its impact?

Investing in a wellbeing partner like MYNDUP provides your employees with access to a vast array of wellbeing tools that can keep your people engaged, motivated and supported at work.

Improve productivity

As documented in Google's Project Aristotle, psychological safety is the foundation for high performance. That means creating a culture where having tough conversations with your boss are applauded, not feared. Where being honest to share the things that scare us is accepted.

MYNDUP's workshops are designed with this in mind. They exist to create the space for new skills, new ways of thinking, and renewed connections between colleagues. To make your workforce feel more inclusive, and safer. All with the aim of enabling high performance by creating a workplace of psychological safety.

An image of a graph showing an increase in employees performance.

Delighting employees left and right.

Rated 4.9 out of 5 by thousands of employees just like yours.

MYNDUP has helped me take steps to change my life

Employee at

I think MYNDUP as a platform is amazing. The whole concept, it has changed my life. Tricia is my coach, and I cannot compliment her enough. I wouldn't be where I am today without her, she is always going above & beyond to help me where she can and I can't thank her enough.

Employee at

Real Estate Company
I actually can't express how much the sessions have helped me. It's been the best decision I've ever made to use the MYNDUP service, and most importantly Kertrina has been an amazing person to talk to. She's very knowledgeable and really helps to probe things and provides sound advice on how I can better approach things. It really has been life changing!

Employee at

This is a great tool and I think all companies should incorporate this as a benefit

Employee at

I heard a lot of good things about MYNDUP so I decided to try myself. Lilian really helped me get back on the road within one hour.

Employee at

The relief of being able to access help immediately rather than waiting months or even years via the NHS has lifted a weight alone.

Employee at

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See if MYNDUP is right fit for your organisation

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