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The mission

We help employees and their companies thrive by providing the best mental health support.

Our why

It all started with Joel.

In 2019, Joel began experiencing a deep depression for the first time in his life. He found the courage to reach out to his manager, to see if there was any support available at his workplace. Support was available.

But the process to get support was complex, with lots of hurdles to jump through and long wait times. By this point Joel was suicidal and left without support.Out of desperation, he decided to pay for counselling privately.

But to Joel's surprise, counselling didn't help him in the way he assumed it would. At this point Joel felt even more lost, thinking - what do I do now? But by luck, he stumbled across a life coach online.

Life coaching wasn't the conventional or assumed approach for what Joel was struggling with. But it worked for him. It resonated with him, and put him back on the path towards thriving. After finding the help he needed for his own mental health journey, in a way that worked for him, Joel realised that workplace mental health support is broken.

That's because

Most mental health companies/EAP's offer just one solution - either therapy, counselling, or coaching. But it's not one size fits all and everybody needs to find the right support for them.And there are too many barriers to care - it's too slow and complex.

Joel founded MYNDUP to provide the best possible mental health support for employees, across the entire mental health spectrum.

Nobody should ever feel stuck, helpless or alone, without access to the support that best suits them.

Today MYNDUP supports 50,000 employee’s globally, and we’re on a mission to support millions!

How we provide the best support


We make it so easy to get support.


Speak to a practitioner in 12 hours or less..

Only the best

Our practitioners are subject matter experts across a broad range of specialisms.

Pick and choose

We have the widest variety of practitioners that employees can select from.

Our journey so far

Meet the team

Joel Gujral

CEO & Founder

Dane Krambergar

Head of Insights

Jack Taylor

Design Manager

Hayley Chapman

Content Designer

Casey Barrow

Sales Team Lead

Rachel Rowling

Junior Designer

Jasu Talvensaari

Client & Practitioner Success Executive

Anna James

User & Practitioner Success Executive

Ryan Lewendon

Head of Marketing

James Atkin

Software Engineer

Rhona Reed

Partnership Executive

Dave Thompson

Chief Technology Officer