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Become a MYNDUP practitioner

Open the door to better wellbeing with access to a self-help library packed full of wellbeing tips & tricks from expert practitioners.

An image of Rich, a MYNDUP performance coach, who specialises in Productivity & Performance.
Image of Jerome, a MYNDUP counsellor, specialising in stress management.
An image of Catherine, a MYNDUP career coach, who specialises in relationships at work.
An image of Michael, a MYNDUP  coach, who specialises in career transitions.
An image of Maria, a MYNDUP career coach, who specialises in inner transformation.
An image of Sarah, a MYNDUP career coach, who specialises in career development.
An image of Spiros, a MYNDUP life coach, who specialises in overcoming obstacles.
An image of Fergus, a MYNDUP counsellor who specialises in Anxiety & depression.
An image of Sandeep, a MYNDUP therapist, who specialises in Anxiety.
An image of Therese, a MYNDUP coach, who specialises in work-life balance.
An image of Sarah, a MYNDUP career coach, who specialises in career development.

Help us lift the stigma of mental health

Right now, mental health support in the workplace isn’t good enough. So we’re on a mission to change that.

We offer a 1:1 live video platform that allows employees to seamlessly find and connect with with our practitioners. This includes psychologists, therapists, counsellors and coaches across a wide range of modalities and specialisms.  Our platform covers the most diverse range of mental health and wellbeing specialisms to support users at any point in their journey.

Employees from our clients will book directly with you via our platform.

Our calendar is two way synced with your personal calendar so it is straightforward to run your private practice alongside sessions with MYNDUP. You have complete control over your own availability - work whenever and wherever you like!

Your responsibilities

Provide a safe online environment for our clients while supporting them in individual sessions

Work with international clients to support their mental wellbeing via the MYNDUP platform

Assess each individual case and provide a tailored support plan to fit their needs and requirements

Adhere to your accredited body framework and code of ethics in online sessions to provide excellent service and a great experience for the client

Requirements from us

Registered with a relevant regulatory body in your country (for example, the BACP, UKCP or ICF in the UK).

Ideally have at least 450 hours in practice.

Experience working with clients from a corporate background

Have your own insurance that allows you to work with international clients

Happy to work with clients based globally as we operate across all continents.

Able to deliver virtual sessions in a professional environment

Excellent communication (verbal and written in English) to communicate with a diverse range of people.

Expertise in the following specialisms would be a plus: Neurodiversity, Sleep & Insomnia, Gender Dysphoria, Body Dysmorphia, OCD, Personality Disorders, Conflict Resolution, LGBTQIA+ support, Menopause, Racial Identity, Workplace Bullying.

Here's why you should join us!

Free access to a dedicated support team that will help you get those spare hours in your calendar booked!

Flexible schedule - choose however many hours you’d like to work

Deliver your sessions from anywhere via our encrypted and secure video platform

Full autonomy to take time off whenever needed

Clients book directly with you, allowing you to focus on session delivery and what you do best, rather than having to market yourself.

Access to host workshops, events and webinars to our clients which spans over 50,000 employees globally!

Connect with practitioners in our practitioner community!

Practitioner Spotlight

"Claudia has brought me through a very difficult time with great success, I would have been off work for longer and less productive on my return if it hadn't been for her."

Apply here

We review applications from accredited therapists, counsellors, psychologists & coaches.

I'm a therapist, counsellor or psychologists

Apply using the link below if you work on the clinical side.

I’m a coach

Apply using the link below if you work on the coaching side..