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It's time to break up
with your EAP.

Long wait times, hurdles to jump through just to speak to somebody. Your people deserve better.


The problem with Employee Assistance Programs

4 / 5

employees who reach out to their EAP are rejected for counselling services.

8.8 days

average wait time for first EAP assessment date.


of calls to EAP helplines are signposted to self-help, or a national charity (at no cost to the EAP).

MYNDUP's results


of employees are accepted for support.

12 hours

wait time for 1-1 mental wellbeing & coaching sessions.


of employees agree that MYNDUP is much better than alternatives.

EAPs: the good and the bad

EAPs aren’t all bad. They can be a helpful tool. But do they go far enough?

The good

EAPs are a positive first step towards a culture of care

Having an EAP in place signals to staff that their wellbeing is important. They're a positive step towards creating a culture where speaking up about mental wellbeing challenges is the norm.


...but they make it so difficult to get support

Long wait times and complicated referral processes can prevent staff from getting the support they need when they need it.


EAPs manage risk

EAPs offer an affordable way to manage employee mental wellbeing. They help mitigate the risks of common workplace challenges like absenteeism and staff attrition.


...but they don’t support everyone

EAPs typically only cover a narrow range of topics, which means many are either signposted towards self-help or turned away. But everyone deserves help.

An image showing the multiple steps it takes for someone to book a 1-1 mental health session with an average EAP.

How an employee gets support via an EAP

This process takes on average 8.8 days

An image showing the 3 steps it takes for someone to book a 1-1 mental health or coaching session with MYNDUP.

How an employee gets support via MYNDUP

This process takes 12 hours and you are guaranteed to receive support

Compare EAPs & MYNDUP

Every employee can get 1:1 support
Employees can pick and choose their own practitioner
Speak to a practitioner same-day
Simple, quick booking process
Monthly in-depth reporting
Supports employees with long-term wellbeing challenges

Support for everyone

EAPs pick and choose who is able to get support. MYNDUP supports everyone.

An image of lots of different reasons somebody might book a session with a therapist, counsellor or coach.  An image of lots of different reasons somebody might book a session with a therapist, counsellor or coach.

In-depth reporting

EAPs typically provide very little reporting. MYNDUP reports on the metrics that matter.

a number of different types of graphs for a client report

MYNDUP makes an impact on the metrics you care about


more days at work on average, per employee, per year


more productive days on average, per employee, per year


more staff retained on average each year

Transforming employee well-being

So, MYNDUP or your EAP?

EAPs are a great entry-level method of mitigating risk to the business. But as a tool to reduce staff turnover & long-term absence, they don't go far enough.

With MYNDUP, you'll delight your employees and make a much bigger business impact on the metrics you care about.

Just really grateful to have this available. I could not find any other resources to help, having tried my GP, Employee Assistance Programme and other things.

This is the first time I’ve found something I feel has helped me.

See if MYNDUP is right for your organisation

MYNDUP is rated 4.9 out of 5 by thousands of employees just like yours.