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Attract & retain talent

Your people make everything happen. Engage them, keep them motivated and attract the best.

Attracting and retaining staff has never been more difficult


of employees expect their employer to support their mental health and wellbeing.


is the average cost of finding 1 new employee.

1 / 3

of employees are looking to leave their job in the next 12 months.

Attract and retain with MYNDUP


of MYNDUP users are more likely to recommend their employer to others.


of MYNDUP users say that it's improving the company culture.


of employees reported an increase in job satisfaction after using MYNDUP.

Full-spectrum wellbeing support for everyone

Cater to the varied wellbeing needs of your people and you'll foster an attractive working environment full of top performers.

Our 1-1 support means access to coaches, counsellors & therapists across 83 wellbeing specialisms - there's something for everyone.

An image showing the outcomes of a survey showing how a group of employees ranked themselves across the mental health spectrum.
A stat showing 85% of women leave full-time work within 3 years of having a baby.

No more losing top talent to transitions

Every employee faces a transition of some sort at work or in their personal life during the span of their career. They're tough to navigate alone.

Don't risk losing your top people when the going gets tough - our bespoke coaching programmes offer targeted support for transitions.

A psychologically safe culture that sets you apart

Psychologically safe, positive and supportive workplaces have a big impact when it comes to talent attraction & retention.

Lay the groundwork for a top-tier culture with our wellbeing library and wellbeing workshops. Reap the benefits of having a winning employer brand.

An image showing the different stages of psychological safety.

Delighting employees left and right.

Rated 4.9 out of 5 by thousands of employees just like yours.

Dr. Sasha is amazing! She has truly helped me excel in my career and become more confident in my role. I would recommend anyone looking to grow their careers meet with her.

Employee at

This app has been fantastic, and I am extremely grateful my employer to have access to it

Employee at

This benefit has helped me greatly. I would have most certainly had to take time out of work. My work would have been affected and I wouldn't of found the right therapist as quickly.

Employee at

To say Nazish is an amazing therapist would be an understatement. In the 4 months that I have been seeing her for therapy sessions my personal happiness, health and mental well being has improved. She's brought me to a place of self awareness and self appreciation that makes me feel like not only can I move mountains but am I a mountain. I'm looking forward to continuing my healing journey with her.

Employee at

Such an amazing tool. I am happy my company implemented.

Employee at

As always, an invaluable resource to those of us that are in stressful positions absorbing the brunt of any pain points. My therapist is an absolute lifesaver.

Employee at

An image showing all the different business outcomes MYNDUP can help with, including increasing engagement, reducing sickness, reducing staff turnover, increasing psychological safety and attracting talent.

See if MYNDUP is right fit for your organisation

An image showing all the different challenges MYNDUP practitioners can help with, including Anxiety, Stress, Neurodiversity, Depression, Burnout and more.

Pick and choose the right practitioner for you