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45 minutes
World Mental Health Day

How to support yourself and others at work

For World Mental Health Day Tricia, our personal and professional development coach shared insights into mental health globally, and the necessary tools to embrace mental health at work for everyone.
45 minutes

Navigating parenthood with your career

Join us as our fantastic career and parental coach, Kellie, highlights ways to achieve a healthy and harmonious balance when it comes to managing parenthood and your career goals.
45 minutes

Understanding An Anxious Mind

In this live webinar for Mental Health Awareness Week MYNDUP psychotherapist Fergus Ross will guide you on a journey from understanding to managing an anxious mind.
45 minutes

Finding Success with ADHD

Our fantastic MYNDUP coach, Jermaine, will share his personal experiences of living with ADHD, along with some empowering tools and habits needed to help others thrive.
45 minutes
Financial Wellbeing

Improve Your Mental Wellbeing During Financial Uncertainty

Join us as our fantastic life coach, Jermaine, takes us through the psychological impact of financial stress and worry, and provides us with steps we can take to get clarity and feel empowered in uncertain financial times.
45 minutes

Unlock Life-Changing Habits & Create Lasting Change

Join Grace - a Rapid Transformation Therapist - to unpack habits. You'll learn: How they affect us, how they're formed, and how we can gain control of our lives with a better understanding of them. Ultimately, we want our habits to push us towards our goals. Grace will show us how we can get there.
45 minutes

How to Control Your Thoughts and Stress Levels in Everyday Life

Our insightful webinar, hosted by Nikki - Mindset & Career Coach - where she discusses the powerful tools and techniques needed to control your thoughts, build resilience and feel confident you can tackle everyday stress and anxiety.
45 minutes

Are We Lonely? How to Identify, Overcome and Support Those Affected

Watch our fantastic webinar with Sharon Hall, International Career & Life Coach. In the webinar you'll learn about understanding loneliness and the impact it has on our physical, mental and emotional well-being.
A flyer for a webinar on racism which has a person holding a cell phone with a picture on it
45 minutes

The Impact of Workplace Racism on Mental Health & What You Can Do About It

We will cover:
Facts and figures on racism in the workplace
The impact of racism on mental health in the workplace
Tools and techniques to effectively respond to personal experiences of racism