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Keep your staff
performing at their best

MYNDUP is your global wellbeing partner, with fast proactive support that keeps teams performing at their best.

A profile image of a mental health practitioner who is on the MYNDUP platform
A profile image of a mental health practitioner who is on the MYNDUP platform
A product image of the wellbeing library, featuring mental health booklets.
A man on a video call with a female mental health practitioner.
A product image of the wellbeing library, featuring mental health articles.

Problems we solve

Here’s why many of our clients joined us.

“Our EAP is barely used and isn’t supporting staff well enough”

We consistently see the same problems with EAPs:

1. Long wait times (almost 9 days on average)

2. 80% of employees are rejected for counselling

3. Low engagement

EAPs are outdated for organisations in 2024, and MYNDUP is the modern alternative.

“Our staff are often sick and turnover is high”

The leading cause of sick days in the UK are mental health challenges like anxiety, stress & depression. 

And employees are staying in jobs less and less. The result is increased costs for employers. The average cost to replace one team member is £7,729. 

MYNDUP is proven to reduce staff sickness and staff turnover with our proactive support.

“We want to become one of the best employers in our industry”

Wellbeing support is becoming more and more important for staff. Today, 87% expect their employer to support their mental health and wellbeing. 

MYNDUP is rated 4.9 out of 5 by thousands of employees, with 62% of users saying that MYNDUP was one of the biggest reasons they joined their company.

“I want a wellbeing solution but don’t have the budget”

Budgets are tight right now. We get it. 

We’ve made MYNDUP flexible to any budget. Tell us what you have available right now, and we’ll bespoke our offering to it.

Let’s solve them with MYNDUP.

Keep your people performing at their best.

Fast mental health support

The old way

The average wait time for mental health support with an EAP is 8.8 days, and 4 weeks with the NHS.

The MYNDUP way

Your staff can book a 1:1 session with a counsellor, therapist or coach in 12 hours.

Fast coaching support

The old way

Coaching is only reserved for some employees, and not immediately available.

The MYNDUP way

We give all employees anonymous access to a variety of coaches, who can all help staff in different ways. Available in 12 hours.

Book support in 3 minutes

The old way

Long wait times because of complex triage systems.

The MYNDUP way

Straight forward.

Employees can choose their own practitioner, pick the right time and date for them. All online, and in just 3 minutes.

Group wellbeing

The old way

One-off talks which are great at the time, but forgotten a few weeks later.

The MYNDUP way

A series of wellbeing workshops held by MYNDUP practitioners that your staff can speak 1:1 with.

Target at-risk employees

The old way

Reactive support only when an employee has taken long-term sickness.

The MYNDUP way

Proactively identify at risk employees and support them back to their best with bespoke coaching programmes.

Upskill your leaders

The old way

Outdated management training from the pre-hybrid working era. No training on mental health conversations and psychological safety.

The MYNDUP way

We help your leaders navigate mental health conversations with their team. Learn how to be emotionally articulate, and create psychological safety.

Join other organisations getting these results

Proven results with MYNDUP.


More days at work on average, per employee, per year


More productive days on average, per employee, per year


More staff retained on average each year

In over 20 years working in HR, MYNDUP is by far the most proudest benefit I have ever had within an organisation.

Angela Lovell
HR Director
An image of Angela Lovell, HR Director at Gordon Ramsay Restaurants.

See if MYNDUP is right for your organisation

MYNDUP is rated 4.9 out of 5 by thousands of employees just like yours.