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5 things to know before you begin coaching or counselling

11 Jan 2022
5 min read

1. This is not a quick fix

In the same way you would not join the gym and expect to be fit and toned after just a couple of visits, Coaching and Counselling sessions also require commitment and effort on your part. They are in essence just like fitness training, in that you’re strengthening your mental health and wellbeing.

It is our role to help you set and achieve your goals. Nothing makes us happier than to see our clients living their best life and leaving us behind, in fact these are some of our proudest moments. However, when signing up please keep in mind that you will be booking sessions for 3 - 6 months and be ready to commit to that. As with the gym, if you don’t put the effort in yourself, unfortunately you will not benefit from the same results.

2. This is probably the most intimate and one-sided relationship you will ever have

It is important that you talk to several Coaches or Counsellors before beginning this process. Choose the one you feel most connected to. This is important because it could possibly become one of the most intimate but one-sided relationships you will ever have - therefore you must feel understood, safe and comfortable. We won’t feel offended that you are shopping around, in fact we want you to take this step, it makes for a better relationship on both sides.

In your sessions you may find yourself happily sharing things that not even your family or best friends know about you. You may also find yourself relieved to have this neutral zone; you’ll know that when talking to your Coach or Counsellor you will not experience judgement or attachment, giving you a safe and private place to work through any and all of your experiences, feelings, and dreams. We will question you and what you believe it is to be you, but in this space, you will never hear “you should”. Your life is full of people who are more than ready, often with love in their hearts, to tell you what you ‘should’ or ‘should not’ do. We are here to help you discover inside yourself what it is YOU really want to do and how YOU want to do it.

3. As with all journeys, there will be ups, downs and bumps in the road.

Nothing about Coaching or Counselling is going to be smooth.  Some days you will feel ecstatic, that you have made great strides and have clear and straightforward goals to work on. On other days you will wonder why you even attended your session because you are no further forward than before you attended, in fact you might even feel worse.  We would love to tell you that this is going to be easy, but nothing worth the effort ever was. We are here to share this journey and to ride the waves with you, no matter what comes up. We are also going to be there to celebrate with you when you come out the other side, stronger, wiser and more resilient with a clear direction and a bright future ahead of you.

4. This is your opportunity to treat yourself with the love and respect you deserve

If we promised we would meet a loved one at the airport, would we just not show up? Of course not, we would be there ready to welcome them with open arms the moment they stepped into the terminal. Sadly, oftentimes we just don’t show up for ourselves, using the gym example above, how often have you promised yourself that you will do a workout after work or at the weekend and then just flaked on yourself.

Coaching and Counselling give you the opportunity to give yourself the love and respect you deserve. It is important that you respect yourself and for that matter, your Coach or Counsellor and book and attend your sessions routinely. This will help you to stay accountable to, and achieve your goals. It is especially important to attend sessions if you are feeling sad or frustrated or even just bored as these are often the sessions that you will achieve the biggest breakthroughs.

5. You are in the driver’s seat

Throughout all of your sessions, you are in the driver’s seat. You have given your Coach or Counsellor the honour and privilege to be there to guide you along your journey. You decide what it is you want to work on, and you decide the outcomes. You even decide how and when you would like us to hold you accountable to your goals. Working with a Coach or Counsellor is solely for the purpose of putting you in full control of your life and furthermore, empowering you to dive into the life you may currently hardly even dare dream about.

Now you know what to expect, we look forward to being there with you, as you set goals and achieve the life you have been waiting for all this time.